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Open to everyone from age 11

Designed for complete beginners up to intermediate levels

Anna Good The Voice of Fonland 4(2).png

With Anna you will learn a solid  technique in different styles and enrich your skills as she is a complete singer from operatic singing to jazz, pop and rock.

You will be able to explore all different music styles, depending on your own taste and expand your vocal possibilities.

Let's jump in new vocal and musical adventures together!


Online teaching has been my daily work since 2020, so I know how to make this experience as exciting and rich as an in person lessons. This format gives surprisingly more autonomy to the students and help them develop efficiently their musical skills. I now give in person lessons near Bordeaux too.

Teaching in a positive and harmonious  energy, to guide students through an open, safe and joyful  space is a priority. This way, students can develop self-confidence, express their own personality and qualities through music.

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