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A new and creative pedagogy

In Anna’s lessons, students will benefit from her over 25 years of experience and expertise.

Anna is passionate about taking her students right  into the core of music as well as transmitting a precise technique in order to reach a total ease with the instrument.

Students  will develop autonomy and musicality  through creative training tools they will be able to use for their entire life.

Working in a positive and harmonious  energy to guide students through an open, safe and joyful  space is a priority. This way, students can develop self-confidence, express their own personality and qualities through music.

She has learned through coaching programs and through all these years in pedagogy how to  adapt and communicate to all kind of personalities and specific needs from the students. Thus, what really inspires Anna as a teacher and coach is to lead each of her students, no matter their age and level, to progress at their own pace, with their own goal with involvement and fullfilment.

Anna’s aim as a teacher is  to give the right tools for the students to increase their capacity to overcome any technical, musical limitation and coach her students to defeat stage fright or simply playing in front of another person, as well as getting beyond self-judgement.

She is willing to support each of her students to express themselves at their best through their  learning process, encouraging them to be curious, open minded and self-confident as  musicians and human beings.


Online teaching has been my daily work since 2020, so I know how to make this experience as exciting and rich as an in person lessons. This format gives surprisingly more autonomy to the students and help them develop efficiently their musical skills. I now give in person lessons near Bordeaux too.

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