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Gallery & Testimonials


Anna's lessons are dynamic and inventive, she is always in a good mood and knows how to make children and adults love music.

My son and I took lessons with Anna for 3 years, and since she is no longer in Paris, we miss her a lot!


Thanks to your lessons, I have progressed a lot and gained selfconfidence to sing, play and give my sound yoga classes.

What Students Say


With you Anna, we know that we'll always manage to succeed!


Excellent piano moments thanks to Anna's enthousiasm and professionalism. She always knows how to find 'the one trick' to overcome a technical difficulty. Both studious and joyful piano sessions. Fun!


My son took lessons for 3 years and never wanted to train or play at home.

When he started the lessons with Anna, I noticed that soon after he was going to the piano and play for pleasure after school, by his own initiative, without me pushing him to do so. I was quite amazed!

Then I decided to get back to learn piano myself with Anna. I found out that learning could be fun and so many things that were not clear before just became limpid and simple!

Thank you so much Anna!

CATHERINE mom of 2 students

Thank you Anna, you gave them a taste for playing.


I’ve been taking lessons with Anna for 2 years. Those always take place in a very friendly atmosphere.
I could notice how much I improved thanks to her very good training tools. My technique, rythm and musicality progressed so much! Learning in such good conditions is a real pleasure and the results are there.

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