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Further Details





- A registration form will be sent to you. Please send it filled and signed to Anna (all informations will be kept confidential).

- You will decide with Anna when to schedule your coaching.

- Your coaching will be considered booked once you've sent the registration form and the payment.


- The payment has to be sent via Paypal the latest 48h before your coaching otherwise it will not be considered booked.

- A bill will be sent to you after the payment is received.


For the coaching session


- You will receive the informations for the connexion: on Sype (recommanded) or Zoom.

- Please be on time for your coaching.

- Make sure to set your camera properly before the start of the session!


- Please be on time for your coaching.


- The coching can be rescheduled if you inform Anna at the latest 48h before the booked session, in the limit of the running month.

- If Anna has a concert or is sick, she will propose you another schedule that suits you.

Cancellations & refund

- You can cancel your coaching the latest 48h before the booked session. After this deadline, no refund is possible.

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