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But who is

Anna Good ?

Anna Good is a French professional pianist, singer, performer, songwriter, composer, arranger and making her debuts as a music producer.

* Anna on TV at Santa's...


Anna was born in Finland in 2022, on the famous TV show The Voice of Finland.

Her 22-letter French name made the Finns faint, so Anna decided to take an artist's name that was easy to pronounce, in order to avoid the hecatomb in Santa Claus country during the 3 episodes in which she sang. The journalists nicknamed her "le moineau parisien", a reference to Edith Piaf.

Following the show, she was hired as keyboardist and opera singer in a musical creation with puppets, dancers and actor-singers, inspired by the Finnish progressive rock band YUP.  (Ask her about it: she's very proud to have had 2 lines in Finnish in this show).

Anna GOOD the Voice of Finland 1.jpg

* Between Classical, Lyrical and Pirates!...


However, Anna was born the first time around, in Bordeaux (Lormont, for those in the know, historically a former pirate's den, suggesting a rebellious temperament). 

After high school, she studied piano at the Conservatoire National de Bordeaux, where she also took up opera singing. 

She went on to perfect her piano skills at the Conservatoire National de Versailles and then moved to Paris, where she also obtained her Prix d'Art Lyrique. She then began teaching piano.

As a pianist and singer, she took part in a variety of musical creations, performing at theaters and festivals in various French cities.

Anna Good The Voice of Finland 5.jpg
Anna Good The Voice of Finland 12.jpg

* ...and Jazz, Pop-Rock, Electro!


But Anna began to feel the urgent call of

new musical horizons. Graduated of the Atla

School of Contemporary Music, she now thrives

on jazz and pop-rock. The arranging class she

took there was also decisive: composition and

arranging became an obsession, combining with

her love of words. She finally decided to work on her own songs, many of which had been left in a drawer. The last stone in her edifice: to include Computer-Aided Music, which has fascinated her for years for its exponential possibilities. 

It was on her return to Bordeaux after 2 years in Finland that she decided to plunge into this new universe. And so E-KEYVOX was born.

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